The NEW Pony Jet 3.0

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Why Pony Jet? We found ourselves constantly scrubbing, removing stains and spending so much time on cleaning them. We thought about what could we do to make it so much easier, spend less time with bucket and sponges and saving money on using so much shampoo at once! 

Less Stress, Less Mess!

Making bathing faster, more effective and saving you money on shampoo!

Muddy grey? No problem!

Up to 2 times increased water pressure. Mud, poop, sweat you name it - it'll vanish!

Super easy to use

  • Connect to any hose
  • Add shampoo
  • Turn the toggle to soap/water mode
  • Enjoy!

"Absolute life saviour. Saves me so much time, makes life so much easier. Especially with my grey horse that used to not stand still! Can't recommend enough"
- @jessthomas_sj