Power flex - Cohesive Bandage

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The Petflex range of Glitter bandages from Andover are all made in theUSA from elasticated fabric, with the glitter included in themanufacturing process so it won?t shed or rub off. The glitter particlesare made of plastic and are non-toxic but it is recommended that theyare not applied directly to a wound surface. Petflex bandages all tearby hand and have a 16lb tensile strength which makes them extremelystrong and durable. They are also water and sweat resistant and will nottighten after application. Designed to delight your customers whileperforming an important role in their animal's care, the bandage can also be used as a third outer layer just for decoration. Available in arange of colours and widths and all 4.5m long when stretched. Sold individually - Product includes one bandage - Companion Pet Animal Bandage Cohesive Glitter 10cm Pink for Horses, Dogs & Cats (each)

  • 4 rolls